88 Supercharged Turbo Coupe
Latest Modifications for 2001


Well, lots has happened since I last updated, lets see if I can give you an idea of what I have accomplished over the last couple months.

Fuel Injectors

Probably the biggest bang for the buck that I have added to the car since I started working on it... I had a really tough time believing that the 54 lb/hr injectors were not adequate for this car, but that was indeed the case. Since the swap to the 77 lb/hr injectors the car has picked up at least 5 tenths and 5 MPH. Currently, with the car running in the mid 10 second range, the the injector duty cycle is about 75% at 6200 RPM to maintain an A/F ratio of about 11.5 to 1. A couple quick back of the envelope calculations show 75% DC to be about 49 ACTUAL lb/hr per injector. Assuming a .65 BSFC - blowers draw about 150 HP at this level, with an A/F of 11.5 from logged data, and a bit to the rich side of best power but safe - you find enough fuel being supplied for approximately 603 Net HP. This value also ends up pretty close to the NET HP numbers listed on the Dyno Page calculated from the DynoJet by Bill Watson. Good old hind sight is 20/20, eh?...........

B&M Hammer Shifter

Almost got in over my head on this one, at least I spent a lot more time installing it that I would like to have. The shifter was bought for me by my wife as a Christmas present, my brother Dave suggested it to her knowing that I was considering a swap to a manual reverse transmission valve body for increased C-4 durability...Let's just say it's not a "bolt in" for a Turbo Coupe.

Finished up, it looks alot better than a non console mounted shifter, but extensive modification to the floor pan as well as the shifter was required to make it fit. I ended up spending over a week installing it but have been happy with it since. It looks pretty good, and shifts great!

15x4 Weld Prostars

A set of narrower front rims/tires seemed like a good idea to reduce rolling resistance as well as drop a couple pounds. I chose to go with a set of 5 lug Weld Prostars, wrapped with 165-15 Kelley rubber, and used a set of Lincoln Continental 11" front rotors to make them fit on the Bird.

That's me on the left, Chris in the middle, and Dave on the right with my wife as the photographer. We have finally attached a hood to the car, something about it being a law in PA. The donor car for the hood was nothing less that the old Budget TT Bird, I knew I held onto that old hood for something.

Light Weight Seats

Replaced the factory seats with lightweight JAZ mini baja pieces.

Body Parts

Not was my trip to the Dyno Jet at Performance Specialties successful from a performance standpoint, but it also added to the appearance of the bird. One of the technicians who worked there saw my car, took one look at the rusty right front fender and said he has just the cure for that. Apparently he was a previous T-bird owner who had a couple of rust free front fenders behind the shop and donated them to be used on the bird. Thanks Guys!!!!!!!!!!

The fenders were from a slightly older bird, but bolted right up as expected. I also used other body parts that I have had laying around to finish the job as nicely as I could. I hope to get a coat of paint sprayed on the car as soon as I finish the work currently being performed on the 8.8 rear to make this car again legal for track use.