Procharged 351W Specifications

New Improved Parts List 1999. (many of which are already incorporated in the car)

      351W block, bored .030", crank cut .010/.010.
       TRW Power Forged Pistons with 27 cc dish, 8.0:1 CR with the TFTW heads.
       Trick Flow Twisted Wedge cylinder heads, lock wire, light touchup with sanding roll. FLOW DATA
       Crane Cam Retro-Roller hydraulic 282/290 advertised, 220/228 @ .050, .542"/.563" lift.
       ARP Head and Main studs, Rod bolts.
       GT - 40 Upper and lower intake, lower intake gasket matched
       75 mm BBK Throttle Body / Pro Flow 75 mm Bullet Mass air meter.
       Procharger D-1 series blower with 3 core front mounted intercooler, pullied for 9 psi.
       Crane Interceptor engine management controller.
       1 3/4" primary long tube headers.
       47 lb injectors.
       Paxton high flow fuel rails, 2 -6 AN supply lines, 1 -6 AN return.
       2.5" off road pipes/ 2.5" flowmaster 2 chamber cat back.

Additions / Changes for 2000

      Competition Engineering 8pt roll cage.
       Performance Automatic Super Comp C-4 Transmission.
       TCI 10" Bracket Race Series Converter.
       3.4" blower pulley 15+ psi boost  (replacing the previous 4" pulley).
       Eibach drag spring set with airbag.
       Lakewood 90/10 struts, 50/50 shocks.
       Pro Flow "Optimizer" MAF
       77 lb/hr fuel injectors.
       3" exhaust with Dynomax Race Magnum mufflers.

Additions / Changes for 2001

       Fresh Engine with Sealed Power cast pistons
       Performance Automatic 10" Converter.
       Intercooler modified to larger sheet tanks
       Improved 3.5" intercooler plumbing.
       Blower inlet tube modified to full 4" to air cleaner.

Additions / Changes for 2002

      Keith Craft 408 Forged Stroker
       Trick Flow TW-R Cylinder Heads
       Trick Flow R-series intake manifold
       Procharger D1R Supercharger with 4" pulley (13-14 psi)
       Hooker headers with 2" primarys, 3.5" collectors
       Crane Gold 1.6 roller rocker arms
       Comp Cams roller camshaft (230/240)

Additions / Changes for 2003

      AEM Programmable Engine Management System (EMS)
       Complete UPR rear suspension system with swaybar

Additions / Changes for 2004

Short Block
Keith Craft 408ci stroker
Pre 72 351W block, bored, honed, line honed, roller conv.
Full balancing
Ross 8.5:1 CR pistons 4.030
Plasma moly rings
Eagle H-beam connecting rods
Eagle 4340 4" stroke crankshaft
Keith Craft main girdle
ARP main studs
Hydraulic Roller (230/240@0.050" duration)
Hydraulic Roller lifters
Double Roller timing Chain
Moroso 7 qt oil pan
Moroso Pickup
Melling oil pump
Summit SFI balancer

Trick Flow Twisted Wedge "R"
Port to seat blending
O-ringed for Lockwire Gaskets
Full radius valve job
2.08/1.60 Ferrea Intake/Exhaust Valves
Comp Cams dual valve springs
10 degree locks and retainers
7/16" Rocker studs
Felpro Lockwire Gaskets
ARP Head studs
Crane "Gold" 1.6 roller rocker arms
Crane Pushrods

Intake / Fuel
Trick Flow "R" intake
75mm throttlebody and EGR
AEM EMS stand alone ECU
AEM Dual Channel Wideband
3 BAR MAP sensor
77 lb/hr injectors
Billet fuel rails
Aeroquip hose and fittings
Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
Cyberdyne fule pressure gauge
255 liter/hr intank fuel pump
Dual Fuel filters

Procharger D-1R Supercharger System
D-1R Head Unit
Pulley system and tensioner
Fuel Pump
Intercooler Upgrades (sheet tanks)
Custom SC mounting bracket
Cold air induction and K&N Filter

Headers / Exhaust
Heddman headers 2" primairy / 3.5" collector
Dynomax Race Magnum welded mufflers 3"
Adapters and exhaust tubing

Harwood fiberglass 2" cowl hood
D&D Lightweight front kit
Tubular K - frame
Tubular A - arms
Coil over kit
Flaming River Kit
Manual Rack
Universal joint steering shaft
SouthSide Lower Control Arms
50/50 Lakewood shocks
Eibach Drag Coil Springs
Pass side Air Bag
Solid drop motor mounts
90/10 Lakewood Struts
Subframe connectors
8 point Roll Cage - Installed
Moroso Battery Box / switch / wiring
Auto Meter Sport Comp Tach w shift light
Auto Meter Water Temp
Auto Meter Battery Volt
Auto Meter Boost gauge
Auto Meter Gauge Cage
Piller Mount
RCI lightweight seats and covers
Aluminum seat mounts

Performance Automatic SuperComp C-4
JW Ultrabell bellhousing
Performance Automatic SFI Flexplate
RCI SFI Transmission blanket
B&M Pro Ratchet Shifter
Driveshaft Loop

Rearend - 8.8" ford
Strange 31 spline axles
Street (taper roller bearing) C-clip eliminators
Strange light weight spool
3.27 motorsport gears
Aluminum rear bearing support cover

Motorsport aluminum radiator
High flow clutch fan
Transmission cooler

2 Weld Draglites 15 x 5 front
4 Weld Draglites 15 x 8 rear
2 radials
2 BFG Drag Radials 275/60/15
2 MT ET Drag slicks 28x10.5x15