Pro Charged 351 Mods for 2001


Enough is never ENOUGH I guess, we couldn't possibly let the PC mustang slip through an entire winter without at least a little bit of changes. The engine had 2 full seasons of racing on it so we figured it might be a good idea to freshen it as well as add a couple things to bump up HP a little more. The chassis also is still mostly stock so some lighter components there just might be of assistance.

That's Crazy Joe prepping the new lightweight K frame soon to find a home in Bob's stang. We picked up the entire K-frame kit on a Group Purchase from JD's Performance for a price that we just couldn't refuse. JD's quite often runs internet group purchases on a variety of parts for some great deals, so check out his web page here. This particular K frame is from D&D Motorsports and just simply bolted in for a weight loss of over 25lbs.

After the K-frame was installed, we went to town on the Coil Overs for the front struts. The cap on the top of the strut body had to be ground off to allow the adjustment sleeve to fit as can be seen in the above photos. There isn't really any quick way to perform this mod, but we found it to happen pretty quick using a die grinder and cut-off wheel.

Finally it was just a matter of bolting the components back together. The strut tower pieces required a slight modification to work with the coil over kit, but other than that this task was easily accomplished in an afternoon. Hopefully we'll manage some quicker et's with the new lighter pieces up front. Next step is to get the engine back together and in the car, racing season is approaching quickly.


While Bob's car is already up and running, I'm just finally getting around to updating the progress from last winter.


The 3 core ProCharger intercoolers are known to be a little on the restrictive side, so while the engine was out we decided it would be a good idea to get some bigger tanks on it. The work on the cooler tanks was performed by Jim Sheren and should allow this cooler to be capable of flowing much more air.

We ended up having to find a new(used) crankshaft for the engine due to excessive thrust bearing wear. Otherwise engine received just a quick freshening, rings, hone, crank cut and bearings, with the only additions being a trick flow main girdle, new valve covers, and a 7 quart Moroso oil pan. It was nice to see all of the parts holding up well after two seasons of racing.

On the left is a shot of the new cooler installed in the car, we used the original plumbing from the blower to the cooler, but I built a new 3.5" discharge tube from the cooler to the MAF meter, My attempt was to remove some of the restriction (3-90 degree bends) in the pro charger kit plumbing as well as get a straighter shot into the MAF meter.

Finally a shot of the underside showing the engine installed in the D&D front suspension. The blower inlet plumbing was also upgraded to full 4" with a new 12" long K&N filter to minimize restriction. We are currently still running the same serpentine blower drive system but plan on upgrading to a cog setup in the near future. The car has now posted a new best time of 10.20 @ 127. I expect that we will manage to get it into the 9's, on pump gas, through the mufflers, before we switch to the cog system, a little race gas, and really turn the wick up.....