ProCharged 351 Mods for 2000


Finally got a chance to drive/work on the D-1 blown 351 again, actually spent a good part of my christmas vacation wrenching on it. The original intent was to install the modified MAF meter, a bigger set of injectors, a smaller blower pulley, a couple suspension mods, and do some WB02 tuning in preparation for next season. Well we got the engine stuff done, and I decided to take the car to my dad's house to install the suspension components prior to any serious tuning when we ran into this........

Those of you familiar with the innards of a C-4 should have no problem guessing this components, it's the forward clutch drum, and it has a little problem. For those of you not familiar with this component, it is the part of a C-4 which transmits all of the engine's torque from the input shaft to the remainder of the transmission. At first, while I was sitting on the side of the road in a snow squall, I though it had to be the input shaft for sure, since we had just broke one of them in the TT Capri. I was wrong, but this has got to end pretty soon, there aren't many parts left in these C-4's that I haven't managed to break :).

I took a bunch more pictures of the mods performed over the holiday, as soon as they are developed, I'll get them posted with details. Hang in there, I think it's gonna be an interesting year with the added boost on this car!.....


Finally got a couple more pictures developed of changes made over the Christmas holiday, here they are.

Here are a couple quick shots of the new C-4 and converter which went into the procharged mustang over the holiday. The C-4 is a Performance Automatic Super Comp unit minus brake. It is supposedly filled with goodies such as the power planetary, hardened input shaft, billet servo, cast aluminum pan, and a host of other strength improving items. Guess I won't know for sure until it breaks and I have to freshen it, we're hoping that won't be for quite some time though.  The converter is a TCI 10" Race converter which we found had wayyyyy toooo much stall for this application once it was installed. Luckily the guys at TCI said to just ship it on back and they would lower it right down to what we were looking for. We told them we like the stall that the 10" street fighter had given us, but wanted to retain the additional strength features that the race converter offered, they said no problem, we'll hopefully have it back in the car soon.

I hinted earlier that we changed blower pulleys, this shot should give you an idea of by how much. The old pulley was a 4" diameter piece and the new one is 3.4", this should raise impeller speed at 6000 engine RPM from 49,000 RPM to 59,000 RPM, and pump quite a bit more boost into this 351W. We haven't had a chance to get on it much because of the excessive stall converter, but I have already seen 12+ psi at about 4500 RPM on a short test ride. Previously the 4" pulley made a max boost pressure of 9 psi @ 6000 RPM, I now expect boost to be in the 15-17 psi range at 6000 RPM. If all holds together, we expect this to drop the car into the 10's and push trap speeds to 130+, but I guess we'll have to wait a couple more months to find out.


When Dad and I got to Bob's he already had the car off the trailer and backed into the garage. We jacked it up, tossed in the WB02 and wired it. Bob and Dad had taken the car for a little ride down the road a couple of weeks ago and Bob said something about a high speed miss. My guess was that the increased boost was blowing the flame out, so rather be safe than sorry, we ripped out all of the old plugs gapped at .040" and replaced them with a new set gapped to .025". As soon as this was finished, Dad - equipped with the multi meter, hopped into the passenger seat, and with me at the helm, we hit the road. At the first straight section of road, I told dad to watch the meter, and warn me of voltages higher than 2.8V, with the car in third at about 40 MPH I dropped it to the rug, converter stalled up to about 3800 RPM, then at about 4000 RPM both tires broke loose and I lifted slightly only to have my action be returned with a loud Boom.......Another light stab at the throttle verified my initial conclusion, a boost hose had blown off somewhere. We spun the car around and headed back to Bob's house, but by the time we had the hose reinstalled, it was pouring rain. Dad said we were around 2.3 volts which corresponds to an A/F ratio of <12 to 1, so I tweaked the optimizer on the meter to lean it slightly.


Awoke Sun morning to about 5" snow on the ground, plows were running and you'd think it was the middle of Jan. Went and did some shopping with the wife and by 3pm the sun was out and the roads had dried, ProCharged mustang test time!  Went to Bob's with Dad and Dave, started out by adding 10 degrees retard at 15 psi boost with the Crane Interceptor as an attempt to keep the tires hooked in third at WOT.  Dave (my little brother) hopped in this time and we first stopped at the gas station to fill the tank with 94 Sunoco as an additional attempt to keep the street tires hooked. Car was running perfect, got out to a desolate straight section of the highway, rolled up to about 50 MPH and asked Dave if he was ready, his nod gave me the approval I needed. Gripping the wheel with 2 hands I slowly rolled it to the floor, a quick glance at the boost gauge revealed about 13psi at about 4000 RPM. At about 5000 RPM and close to 100 MPH the tires began to lose traction again, but we stayed in it, we needed a pull clear to 6000. With traces of tire smoke filling the car, we touched 6000 RPM and I glanced at the boost gauge again....17psi at the manifold!......Wooo Hooo, I chopped the throttle and Dave's first response was "holy s@!*, I think this thing pulls harder than my bike" (Dave rides a '00 Suzuki GSXR 1300 Hayabusa). Dave said at 6000 RPM we were at 2.63 volts, about 12.7:1 A/F ratio, a quick tweak to the "optimized" Pro Flow meter, another WOT pull, and we were at 2.49 volts, for a fairly safe 12.0:1 A/F ratio. Bob claims he's gonna run it next weekend, guess we have to wait till then (and knock .5 a second off what he runs) to see if it's really any faster....I'm having a tough time imagining what this will feel like in first gear now, with the 28x10.5 slicks and the updated drag suspension the car received over the winter.

Still High on the HP.....