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Photos from Milan Raceway in Michigan (June 2002)

Bob Evanish with the Procharged Mustang about to lay a serious beating on the Turbo Bird...

In the left photo is Aaron "BIG AL" Younglove and Bob "Clepto" Stuart - busy discussing the next steps that need to be taken on the turbo bird. Matt Stuart and Bob "Lunatic" Evanish are in the photo on the right with the Procharged Mustang.

That's my little brother Dave doing a little wiring inside the bird -we ended up doing quite a bit of tuning on the car during our visit, as a result we ended up with a fairly clean looking exhaust pipe on the car after some leaning across about 11 passes that day (best of 10.4 @138 MPH).


The "Crew" at Milan.

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