Some Various Track Photos

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Photos from Numidia Raceway

"Ready, Set, GO!!!!!!!!!"

Chris and his 2.3 turbo powered mustang

Chris's 2.3 T sports a Holset HX-35 turbocharger, two turbo coupe intercooler cores welded together / front mounted, and an electomotive TEC-II to keep the 65 lb/hr injectors firing at the right time.

Crazy Joe watches "Redbulb Mike" demonstrating exactly how NOT to leave the line with a 4.98 second  reaction time.

Hey, I know you guys like the bird, but......actually that's Bob Stuart and his son Matt prepping the bird with some ice in the charge cooler tank between rounds. Thanks for the help guys!

Bob "Lunatic" Evanish in-route to a 10.0 second pass.

Crazy Joe finds another important use for the car trailer during a track oil down.

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