Dad's 351W TT Time slips


Blue Bomb's car # is 4279 (left lane), Race weight unknown but estimated at 3100, boost set at 10 psi,
shifts made at approximately 5200 RPM.

This was the second pass of the night, the 3.73 gears would not allow us to cover the entire quarter mile so we ended up just running 1/8 mile passes, still an 11.7 at 87 MPH is fairly good considering the throttle was lifted just after the 1/8th. As can be seen CJ's TT ran the 1/8 in 6.9 @ 102 MPH, which translates into high 10 second quarter times. We have since swapped out the 3.73's for a set of 3.08's, but rain kept us from the track and an attempt at the 10's. Dad vowed to return next weekend and see what would happen, guess we'll have to wait till then.


Dad's car # is 4278 and he was in the left lane. This is CJTT's best pass to date 10.87 @ 124.7 MPH


Blue Bomb's car # is 4279 (right lane), Race weight unknown but estimated at 3100, boost set at 10 psi,
shifts made at approximately 5200 RPM.

Dad's first pass (on the right) with the new engine for the year 2001. Unfortunately he only got one pass.. the car is very lean and let the head gaskets go on 6 of the 8 cylinders. Logged data shows an A/F ratio of about 14-15 to 1. The car is now running again but we are in the search for bigger injectors. This first pass looks promising though, MPH is about 3 faster than it has ever run before, I expect it to run well into the mid 130 MPH range as soon as we get enough fuel for it.


Dad's Twin Turbo car # is 4279 (right lane), Race weight unknown but estimated at 3100, boost set at 15 psi, shifts made at approximately 5600 RPM. I pulled about 3% more fuel to try and get A/F close to 12.0. Total timing was set at 16 degrees, fuel was 100LL, boost 15 psi, tires 28X10.5 ET Drags, launched the car at idle.

A/F ratio stayed between 11.8 and 12.0 for the entire pass so I decided I was happy with the current fuel settings. Next pass raised total timing to 19 degrees and ran again launching the car at idle. (right lane)

Had to lift the throttle after the shift to third to keep from ending up in the other lane and running over the timing boxes. From the 60' and 1/8 mile time, the additional timing helped ET but 1/8 MPH stayed the same. I reduced the total timing back to 18 degrees total and went out for another pass.

This time I launched the car at 1800 RPM from the line (right lane).

Nice, that couple of additional RPM at the line sure effects ET and MPH. This was the fastest pass of the evening, a 10.38 @ 133.45 MPH. I was really wanted to turn on the launch control and try to leave the line under boost, but it was getting late and dad wanted to try a pass on the Drag Radials. We bolted on the Radial tires and Dad headed to the line.

1/4   11.3
MPH   116

I don't have his time slip, but he said he was late shifting second and hit the 6200 RPM limiter, then shifted third and just cruised out the rest of the quarter. Dad said it's going to take a little time to get used to the new combination.

We had about 10 minutes before the track closed so I hopped back in to see how the car went with the radials, I launched this pass at idle (right lane).

Car spun hard out of the hole, I lifted, shifted to second and got back on it.

Next time out we hope to try the launch control to see what ET we can get out of the current combination, I'd have to believe that 10.20s will be possible with the current 15 psi. The car is going to need a little rear suspension work, you have to "drive it" down the entire track. After we get it to drive a little better we will add the boost controller (bleeder valve) and raise boost a little, I believe single digit ETs should be attainable with 17-18 psi.

Dad's Twin Turbo car # is 502 (left lane), Race weight is 3175, boost set at ~16 psi, shifts made at approximately 6000 RPM. Total timing was set at 22 degrees, fuel was 100LL, tires 28X10.5 ET Drags, launched the car at idle.

This is dad's fastest ET to date, I'm pretty sure that it would have been a 9 second pass if he could have run it out, unfortunatly due to the high cross winds at Raceway Park the officials decided to limit all racing to the 1/8 mile.

Dad's best MPH to date in the 1/8 mile, this should equate to about 137-140 MPH in the quarter, hopefully we'll get the car out one more time this year for a 1/4 mile timeslip.

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