Dad's 351W Twin Turbo
(Crazy Joe's Budget 351W Twin Turbo, Intercooled, EFI Mustang)

The Blue Bomb....soon to be twin turbo powered.

After 7 years of faithful drag strip service, CJ (crazy joe) has decided that it's time for a little horsepower upgrade. Details are as follows.

Specifications for 2000:

     1972 351W short block, all stock, new rings and bearings.
     Oil pan and pickup from a 351W Crown Vic.
     GT-40 iron cylinder heads all stock (produces 8.0 to 1 CR.).
     2 - Garret TO3s from 85-86 Tbird TCs, .63 exhaust A/R.
     Custom Upper Intake
     1990 Ford truck EFI lower intake
     75 mm throttle body
     Crane camshaft  216/228 @ .050" duration and .482/.496" lift.
     Electromotive TEC-II DFI system
     24x9x3" air - air custom intercooler
     8 - 54 lb/hr low impedance injectors.
     1.5" shorty headers, flipped upside-down and elongated bolt holes to align with exhaust port.
     Two fuel pumps routed in parallel - one in-tank (255 L/hr), one in-line (~100 L/hr).

Specifications for 2001:

     1972 351W short block, bored .030, crank cut .010/.020, line honed, zero decked.
     Sealed power hyperutectic pistons with 0.190" deep dish (8.5:1 CR)
     Resized 351W truck connecting rods.
     Crane Cam 228/228 @ .050" .512/.512" lift.
     Crane valve springs.
     Gasket matched lower intake manifold

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