Carb'd Twin Turbo Capri
Now Intercooled!

The Intercooled Twin Turbo 351W Capri is now shod with a set of Draglight wheels that measure 15x5.5 front and 15x9 in the rear. Reasonable traction is provided by the 26x11.5x15 MT ET Streets.

A rear view now shows the rear cover/support along with the stock sway bar in place. The 3.08 rear gears have been recently replaced with 2.73 cogs. The 3.08s were only enough to run 127 MPH in the quarter mile, now with the 2.73s the Capri sings along happily at 130+ MPH at the big end of the track.

From this shot you can see that the system has been updated to that which closely resembles CJ's TT, with the exception of the carb. The Passengers side turbo has been flipped so the compressor faces outward and the exhaust elbows have been cut off and replaced with all 3" pipe after the turbos.

The intake manifold has been replaced with a Victor JR., and the carb is now a "true" 600 DP Holley. Those of you who look closely will notice that the additional injector is gone, the additional fuel under boost is provided by richening the secondaries. Al said he will probably go back to the injector though, he feels that the car ran better under cruise conditions with the leaner carb jets. The car is still driven to and from the track due to the fact that Al does not yet own a trailer.

A close up shot of the drivers side turbo reveals the header flange that is now gone and the 3" down pipe out of the turbine, turbos are still the .63 A/R turbo coupe units have have pushed this car through the mid 10 second zone.

Unfortunately, this is the only picture I took of the charge cooler that the Capri is now equipped with (pretty bad eh?). The cooler core is a piece that I made years ago originally for the TT bird and never got around to installing it before the car was hit. It is produced from Peterbuilt cooler cut into two pieces and welded together in a two core fashion. After I tried to give the core away several times, Al decided that he was going to take it and try to stuff it in the nose of the Capri...fortunatly those guys did it! The core measures 33x11x6, with tanks welded on it, the length grows to over 40", just about the max width the nose of the Capri can handle. So far the work required to complete this stage has paid off well, new best time to date is a 10.40 @ 132.35 MPH in the quarter with 15-16 psi boost. Check out the Time slip Page for details.

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