Capri Time slips


Capri's car number was 552. Tires were 26x8 MT ET drags. Boost was set at 14.5 psi. Temperature was about 70F. Fuel was about a 50/50 mix of 93 and 110 Octane. Initial base timing was set at 0 degrees. Rear gears 3.08.

Al's first run of the night, I think there was something wrong with their 60 ft clock for this run but we were unable to find out for sure, but it seemed a little too low for this combination. Launched at 1000 RPM.

Al's second run, tried to launch at 2000, pushed himself through the lights and red lighted then sat there waiting for the tree as seen by the 60 ft time.

My first and last pass for the night, raised the initial timing to 4 degrees. I launched at idle, short shifted into second and feathered the throttle through second then finally dropped it to the rug for all of third. On the return road the stock 7.5 was making some not so pleasant sounds so we called it a night due to the fact that we still had a 50 mile drive home ahead of us.

You'll have to excuse the poor scan here, I'm working from a photocopy, but this pass is a 10.562 @ 127.79 MPH, a pass made with the 3.08 gears. The 60' is 1.678 and the 1/8 mile is 6.791 @ 105.66.

And here is the new best pass to date, 10.400 @ 132.35 MPH. This pass was made with the 2.73 gears, 15-16 psi boost and shifting the car at 5300 RPM. The 60' is 1.672 and the 1/8 mile is 6.715 @ 107.66 MPH. Al is going to raise boost again in the spring when the track opens again, could we see single digits from this simple combination?

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